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Hello everyone, welcome to my Recipe splash food blog.

My name is Nilufar Yeasmeen and I am from Bangladesh. Recipe splash is my food recipe blog. I am an entrepreneur, Graphics designer, and Web developer. Most of that I am very much fond of cooking various types of foods when I get time and love to serve everyone in my family.

I know that not everyone feels the same way about cooking. Because it takes so much time to cook and not everyone has the good experience to make delicious and healthy food in a short time. Which is why I founded Recipe Splash: to elevate everyday meals by providing easy-delicious-nutritious food recipes and help people to make more homemade food.

I am so excited to share these various recipes here with you all. Here you will find lots of different category recipes that are easy to make, fast, delicious and of course nutritious and healthier without sacrificing flavor or you can add other testy options because I strongly believe that healthy food can be delicious as like as any other food.

Yes, I know.  Some recipes may not healthy or nutritious for fitness. But they are delicious, easy to make and take little time to cook which is very friendly with our busy lifestyle 🙂 .

I encourage you to visit my breakfast, lunch&dinnersnacksdessert, and tips pages to get delicious and nutritious recipes and make these in your own kitchen. You will see that cooking is not complicated at all. In fact, it can be fun.

Why did I become interested in cooking?

I got inspired and encouraged to cook from my mother. My mother loved to cook our own Bangladeshi traditional food. While she was busy with cooking I used to watch her carefully what she was doing, which method she was using, ingredients she was using for cooking etc. She died in 2012 in cancer. From that point, our family decided to try to change our eating habits by avoiding unhealthy food, refined sugar, and trans fat as much as possible.

From that time I became more curious about cooking healthy and tasty food. So I started to read and research on this topic to understand a lot more about nutrient functions and health & taste benefits as well. After all that homework, I am glad that I have decided to start a recipe blog to share all these delicious, testy & healthy recipes with you. Also by creating this Recipe Splash food blog, I am realizing now how important it is to eat quality food.

Why did I create Recipe Splash?

Recipe Splash

I created this site especially for those people who spend their busy lives every day. Who like to get their hands dirty with an easy healthy & testy cooking style but they don’t get much time to cook. This site for those who care about the quality of their food and how it affects the health of themselves also getting testy meals as well. I realize that we don’t get much time to cook or household activities these days. So I tried to share these delicious recipes which are very easy to cook in your own kitchen and easy to follow. It’s a place to dive in deep and embrace the joy of one of our basic needs: Food, cooked easily at home, also knowing their health benefits & testy levels.

So what kind of recipes will you find here on Recipes Splash?  My snacks category is so far my largest with a wide variety of crispy treats: crispy, healthy, easy to make, guest welcoming. Next, I love cooking traditional food of the various countries and occasions. Here you’ll get from heavy meal to light food for example breakfast, lunch & dinner, dessert, baking, weight loss related food, salad, drinks etc.  Some easy tips to make your lifestyle easier. The big takeaway here that I love to experiment with various types of food and share here with you all.  I’m taking you with me and in the end, it’s going to be delicious.

What is my cooking style?

Recipe SplashI cook when I get time so it’s obvious that I have to follow easy cooking recipes which takes a few minutes to cook. When I am in the kitchen I try to use minimum ingredients to make my food. You’ll find here most the recipes have basic ingredients which we use regularly in our kitchen. One of the greatest tips of my cooking is I always try to add less oil and spices in my food. I know, yes – some meal needs more oil and spices to make tasty and delicious. So what I do – I try to get at least maximum nutrition as much as possible even if that not much healthy food. Also, I do some Yoga exercise to keep myself fit and healthy.

What I do when I am not in the kitchen?

As I mention you earlier I am a Graphics designer and Web developer, I am a Top Rated Freelancer in a high-quality freelancing site. After completing my Masters in Zoology I  started freelancing and concentrate fully on that track. You’ll find here more nilupsadesign.com. Also after my mother died I am now taking care of my father. He is 75+ years old (though he is very strong and young at this age 😛 ).

Want to contact?

If you want to connect with me please feel free to send me an email. Also, you can send me a message on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramGoogle+. Follow our social media page and Subscribe our Newsletter to get all delicious recipes updates. As always, I will really appreciate you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy all the delicious and healthy recipes I have there!! Bring Homemade dishes into your kitchen and get a healthy life.

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