Make perfect Latte Art at Home on your own with Steamed Milk

how to make latte art at home

How to Make Latte Art at Home Like a Barista:

If you’re a Latte lover, sometimes you like go to an expensive neighborhood coffee shop to enjoy a perfect Latte coffee. And there obviously, you saw a barista presents you with a warm, freshly made Latte coffee, complete with lovely milky-foam-topped latte art like a flower which may look like magic. You probably think I’ve always wanted to learn how to make latte art at home.

Yes, with the right gear and little bit of practice once you learn how to make latte art at home without machine you’ll see it takes a few seconds to do the whole process. Also if you are throwing a party at your home, there is an easy way to impress your guests with lovely art on top of a Latte coffee.

To make your own latte art, ensure that your milk is properly steamed and your espresso has great crema. But will it take a little practice to learn this coffee art course? Well, I won’t lie to you, it definitely will take time to build this skill playing with steamed milk to nail those gorgeous flower designs. So read on for all the steps here and learn how to do latte art like barista.

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how to make latte art
There’s no denying it that latte art is a mystery. A few decades ago Italy was the first birthplace of popular milk-based espresso drinks. But as far as the U.S. is concerned the credit of making latte art mainstream belongs to a US coffee shop.

In the United States, latte art was particularly popularized in Seattle in the 1980s and 1990s, by David Schomer 0wner of Seattle’s Espresso Vivace coffee shop. The rosette pattern was then developed by him in 1992 on a photo he had seen from Cafe Mateki in Italy.

This “Caffe Latte Art” – heart pattern became a signature design at Schomer’s Espresso Vivace by 1989. However, at the same time, a guy named Luigi Lupi from Italy meet with Schomer on the internet and they exchanged videos they made on Latte art and Cappuccini Decorati. In the 2000s latte art also reached Australia, Asia, and the Nordic countries. Nowadays, the baristas are doing particularly well by creating lots of design variations on latte art.

latte art class

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What is Latte Art?

Latte art is all about the science. It is a mixture of crema which is an emulsion of coffee oil and brewed coffee whereas microfoam is Steam frothed milk. There are two main steps to create latte art – pouring milk and design with foam. Which is where the physics and hand gear come into play. It starts with pouring the milk in first, and then finish with the foam in order to create the design. To make perfect Latte check our – How to steam milk at home for latte and How to make perfect Latte with espresso machine and with Instant coffee.

How to make Latte Art at Home with Steamed Milk:

If you’re interested to take latte art class, a coffee art course, online coffee school, coffee barista training online – you can go for it. Also, there are many cafes around the world offer latte art courses.

To make Latte art at home first make espresso shots with Espresso Machine or Instant coffee. Fill your 1/3 cup with the espresso shot. To make perfect frothing milk, you’ll need the milk of your choice, an espresso machine with a commercial grade milk steaming wand. Otherwise, a milk frothing pitcher, Frothing Pitcher, Electric mixer, Frothing wand, Pump frother or a tightly sealed mason jar if you want to make without the expensive machine. But in both terms, you should have the perfect temperature to steam the milk.

1. Hold it right.

Once you’ve your espresso shots and steamed milk ready, hold your coffee cup/mug in one hand and milk pitcher on the other hand. Tilt coffee cup hand slightly 20 degrees and away from you to have the right gear on your pitcher hand to create a perfect latte pattern.

how to make latte art at home

2. Pour the milk into the espresso.

Pour the steamed milk directly into the espresso slowly and evenly until the cup is about halfway full. Hold it about an inch above the cup and pour the milk into the center of the cup in a circular motion. This way the milk and espresso togather will have good texture.

how to make latte art at home without machine

3. Bring the pitcher closer to the cup, create heart design.

Once the cup is half full move the pitcher of steamed milk right above the surface of the espresso. You should see white microfoam of milk appearing in the espresso. Now is the time you should start art designing.

keep pouring the foam right into it to create a circle. You should get a large white circle. When you’ve almost filled the center cup with the circle, pour the milk through the white circle towards the other side of the cup. As a result, this will create the heart shape.

how to make latte art at home without machine

4. Create tulip design.

Stop pouring the foamed milk as soon you see the microfoam appearing in the cup. Make a very small circle with that. Wait for a second and then again make another circle right beside the first circle and edge of the cup. Continue this as many as you can make the small circle around the edge. Then pour the milk through the circles to connect all of them and make the circles look like leaves. In the middle of it make a circle and pure the little milk in four sides of that to make the whole design attractive.

latte art for beginner

5. Create rosetta design.

As soon as you see the microfoam in the cup, use your wrist and begin shaking it quickly left to right creating a zig-zag pattern as you pour it into the cup. As you start to see the layers, continue shaking the pitcher toward the edge of the cup that is closest to you. Raise the pitcher about a half an inch above Lift the milk pitcher up a little and pour the milk directly through the layers back across the center of the cup to finish the rosetta pattern.

how to make latte art at home

6. Create blackish design.

If you like more blackish brown color or essence of cocoa powder then sprinkle some cocoa powder over the espresso before you pour the steamed milk. Then pour the milk over it and create your design of your choice, the latte coffee will look darkly color.

7. How to make latte art home with syrup.

You can create more latte art designs of your choice with your favorite flavored syrup with pastry design cone or flavored powder by using Coffee Art Electric Spice Pen. This comes up with a very cheap rate also very easy to draw. With this Latte and food art pen you can also draw with Cinnamon, Coffee Grounds, Cocoa Powder, Ground Sugar.

how to make latte art at home without machine

how to do latte art

Great! Now you have learned how to make latte art at home on your own like a barista. Follow those above tips for latte art and although these need a lot of patience to create perfect Latte art. Keep practicing and you’ll able to make milky-foam-topped latte art magic!

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Make perfect Latte Art at Home on your own with Steamed Milk
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